Various Sections of Library

The Deshbandhu College library has various sections.


  1. Stack 1 (General Section):  The stack 1 contains general books, which are issued for 14 days.
  2. Stack 2:  The Stack II Contains general books (these books can be issued for 14 days) and textbook, which can be issued only for 5 days from Textbook Section
  3. Reference Section: This section contains encyclopedia, dictionaries, biographies, atlases, and other books, which can be consulted in the reference section only.  The books from this section cannot be issued.
  4. Book Bank Section: This section contains textbooks, which are issued to needy and deserving students for the whole session. Applications will be called separately for loan of such books.
  5. Information Resource Centre for Student
  6. Information Resource Centre For Teachers